Medical KOS 1.0

Medical KOS 1.0


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Date Added:15 June, 2014

Author: META Corporation Japan Ltd.

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This revolutionary application was developed for medical educational purposes and offers users the opportunity to enjoy interesting 3D content for biology education.

Users can view 3D images on an iPad or iPhone either with or without red/cyan glasses. An *adaptor allows connection to a 3D TV where vivid 3D content can be viewed.

Content includes 3D electron microscopic images and 3D CT content as well as 3D movies. Some 3D CT content allows users to interactively adjust the viewable angle, size, and transparency and observe living organisms from the inside. Students can benefit from this content for self-study. **The application is also useful when used accompanying lectures and or presentations displayed on large 3D TVs and or 3D projectors.

New biology, medical, and healthcare related 3D movies and 3D interactive content suitable for educators in related fields will be introduced in the near future.

*3D content is viewable on 3D TVs using the Apple Digital AV adaptor compatible with your TV or with Apple TV.

**For 3D display, units compatible with side-by-side input is required.

Application characteristics
1. Stereoscopic viewing
2. External Display support for some models
3. Content view history

1. Stereoscopic viewing
Content is viewable as follows:
Stereoscopic viewing with red/cyan glasses

Glasses-free stereoscopic viewing:
Glasses-free viewing of images placed side-by-side as one stereoscopic image. This
method corresponds to cross-eyed view and parallel view methods.

3D TV:
Used to display content on a 3D TV or a projector compatible with side-by-side format.

2. External Display support for some models
Content display on an external monitor is supported for some models.
When using an iPad or iPhone, you can display the content on a large TV screen and enjoy simultaneous viewing with others.
(Use of a high-performance iPad or iPhone is recommended for this function.)

3. Content view history
Content accessed is stored.
This function facilitates searches for frequently viewed content and the alternate display of multiple content items.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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